10.01.06 So I haven't added anything recently, but I made up for it by adding two new creations and  some drawings

06.24.06 Finally, an update! Ok, so it's really not much of an update, but it is a new papercraft model.

04.11.06 Greatly enhanced photography page! It's all very organized now and much simpler to navigate. Be sure to check out the new Ireland photographs.

03.28.06 I got Google Ads on my site now, as you may or may not have noticed. Hopefully I'll be making a little cash. Also, I finally found a link to the coin ring tutorial. This one's a little different than the one I used, but it's the same idea.

02.26.06 I just added some more high speed videos. All three of them are really funny! Look for more videos coming soon.

01.16.06 Oh man, have I got updates for you. I got rid of the Lord of the Rings section for lack of material. The LOTR minifigs have been moved to the lego section. The photography section is not only updated, but is also now easier to navigate. The origami page is also now optimized for ease of use. Speaking of origami, there's some new "origami" models. Why the quotes? Well just click right there on that link and see!